Mason Jar Desserts

Apparently there’s a big trend right now baking and serving desserts in mason jars.

I look at quite a few food websites and blogs and honestly, I’ve not noticed this “trend”.

That said, I’m happy to jump on the mason jar bandwagon!

I’ve served margaritas in mason jars.

I use mason jars to hold silverware when we have a group of people over for a casual dinner party.

Photo from

Mason jars make great vases.

I’ve sent leftovers home with guests in mason jars.

I love me some mason jars!

We’ve all seen the pre-mix mason jar gifts. A brownie mix in a mason jar or a soup mix.

That’s not what I’m talking about or what the article I saw this morning was referring to.

Here’s the article (love the title):

5 Reasons Why Desserts in Jars Are the Schizzle-Dizzle


From the blog, How Sweet It Is, which by the way also came a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cinnamon Rolls that I made last weekend, comes a recipe for these awesome looking S’Mores Cakes in mason jars.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to try this out this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Mason Jar Desserts

  1. Those desserts look soo yummy. I have only canned pie filling in mason jars it was delicious but to bake a dessert in them sounds really interesting. Thanks for the posting

  2. OK, I am totally planning on catching up a ton on your blog this summer(I LOVE IT SOOOOO much but my life, but “life”) Anyhow, this one of COURSE grabbed me….I mean my hand is in it and all:) hehe and the memory of a GREAT night with AMAZING friends!!! Love you guys and miss you SO SO much!!! Here’s to mason jars and the things you can do with them!!!

  3. My sister recently saw a dessert made in mason jars on “The Chew” program. She couldnt remember it all. Can you help me? By the way she was in the hospital when she saw it. Thanks.

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